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ATCsimulator®2-HD was modeled after the ARTS-IIIa radar equipment used at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center(MMAC) in Oklahoma City, Radar Training Facility.

All of the dials and switches are simulated with photorealistic quality, and perform all of the functions of their real-life counterpart. Whenever possible, the keyboard functions of the ARTS-IIIa terminal are accessed in the same manner as in real life. There are no fancy shortcuts or Windows GUI interfaces (that do not exist on real ARTS-IIIa equipment) as is found on other so-called use the keyboard using the same keystrokes as Real controllers. We strive to keep the simulation as true-to-life as possible, allowing for you to experience what real controllers experience on a daily basis.


ATCsimulator®2-HD now comes with a recording feature, and a player.
This makes ATCsimulator®2-HD perfect for research and academic applications.
A scenario can be recorded and then played back for analysis. The scenario player will allow playback in accelerated mode, as well as in reverse.


In addition to the standard ARTS simulation, you can also elect to control traffic using the latest direction in air traffic control, STARS mode, which is an acronym for Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System. This system is being used across the country to replace existing ARTS equipment as it fails. It is a computer driven system resembling that of a PC and utilizes the full screen display. ATCsimulator®2-HD will provide this display system as an alternative to the standard ARTS-IIIa console.

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