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As a "freebie" with ATCsimulator®2-HD, we created a little shareware program called, FS2ATCS (short for 'Flight simulator to ATC simulator) that will allow YOU to invite friends who enjoy Flight Simulator to join YOU in an air traffic session on your own terms.

NOTE: FS Pilots wishing to connect to ATCsimulator®2-HD do not need ATCsimulator®2-HD to do so.

You control the control the fun!

But, not only do you see the *Flight Simulator traffic (connected FS pilots), you see the existing AI traffic that is always generated by ATCsimulator®2-HD.You, as the controller can share FS2ATCS with anyone interested in multiplayer action. They in turn can install this application in their Flight Simulator "Modules" folder and then run the application after starting Microsoft® Flight Simulator. They only need the IP address of your computer to then connect to you. Using FS2ATCS, they complete a flight plan that is passed to your ATCsimulator®2-HD multiplayer session. Be sure and let them know the sector you will control and the approach/departure control frequency.

FS2ATCS supports all versions of
Microsoft® Flight Simulator 98 through FSX (and P3D)


*Note: At the present time, FS pilots will not see the traffic generated by ATCsimulator®2-HD. The controller however, will see all connected FS pilots on the ATCsimulator®2-HD radarscope, but not the AI traffic generated by FS.